Steering Committee Meeting

Summers County Schools hosted retired educators, community leaders, and parents at the quarterly Steering Committee meeting.  Throughout the year, the group has discussed the state of the district and has provided input for solutions to improve the district.  The evening allowed for an overview of initiatives being developed at all schools.        

School administrators presented initiatives being implemented across the district.  Countywide reading initiatives were reviewed by Elementary Curriculum Specialist Kristin Richmond.  Hinton Area Principal Angela Gumm, Assistant Principal Kitrick Durnan, and School Counsellor Sonya Murrell discussed childhood trauma and discipline methods.  Parent involvement initiatives were discussed by Talcott Elementary Principal Jessie Rodes.  Student motivation and reading instruction at Jumping Branch Elementary were highlighted by Principal Kevin Green.  Assistant Principal Chris Vicars gave an overview of CTE programs at Summers County Comprehensive High School.  

As the school year comes to a close, the district looks forward to evaluating progress and planning for the opening of the new year.  The knowledge of the Steering Committee is invaluable to providing the best education possible for students.  The staff of Summers County Schools appreciates the collaboration of the committee.