Superintendent Clayton Burch and Chandler Crook

April 25, 2022    State Superintendent Clayton Burch met with Summers County Students to promote the state's Grow Your Own Initiative, aimed at preparing future teachers beginning at the high school level.  Summers County joins a pilot program of counties state wide to provide dual credit and education program content to students which could total as much as three semesters of college credit prior to high school graduation.  Students would then be able to complete their year four residency in the county in open teaching positions.  The goal of the initiative is to grow a teaching workforce within Summers County High School and return those students back to the district as new teachers.  Burch, along with WVDE leader Carla Warren and State Teacher of the Year Finalist Kennedy Moore discussed the joys of the teaching profession with high school, middle school, and elementary school students.  Hinton Area Elementary student Chandler Crook accompanied Superintendent Burch in the presentation and expressed that her interest in teaching is due to the positive influence of her teachers at Hinton Area.  Parents and students who are interested in the Grow Your Own Initiative may contact the Central Office for more details.