Certification Staff

Adam Coon

Director of Personnel

(304) 466-6000 ext. 105


Amanda Sampson

Certification Coordinator

(304) 466-6000 ext. 106


Certification Process

1. Submit the following to the Central Office:

-Employment Application (if needed)


2. Meet with Summers County Schools Personnel Office to review application and complete required WVDE applications.

3. Pay required WVDE fees.

4. First time applicants must complete a background check as part of the application process.

5. First Class Permit and Alternate Certification candidates must agree to complete all program requirements including courses, tuition, and college application process. Working with the university is the responsibility of the educator.

6. Candidates for license renewal must work with the Office of Personnel to keep their license current. Questions from current educators regarding renewal can be directed to the contacts above.

Links and Resources

WVDE Certification Forms

All Certification Forms


Background Check Service

Traditional Education Programs

A list of all state approved undergraduate and graduate traditional certification programs

Alternate Certification Programs

Information regarding alternate certification programs

Disclaimer: it is the responsibility of the educator to maintain active certification. As certification laws and regulations change please contact the Office of Personnel to ensure your license is up to date.