Levy Order Election May 14, 2024

Summers County Schools is seeking the help of our community to provide the best educational experience possible for our children.  Our excess levy proposal would provide enhanced academic and extra-curricular opportunities, increased student and staff safety, and facility maintenance.  This page will provide information for citizens to know more about how children and staff will benefit and financial information for families. 

For the most accurate precinct locations please contact Summers County Clerk's Office at 304-466-7104.

A. Safety & Security

Safety & Security include, but are not limited to, school resource officers; probation officers; cyber security; and building security. 

B. Students Academic Services & Transportation

Students Academic Services & Transportation including, but not limited to, support (interventions, tutoring, student assistant teams, and other support); avoiding split classrooms; Communities In Schools Programs; After-School and Summer-School Programs; Work Programs; field trips; Career and Technical Education (CTE); band/music competitions; and academic and athletic competitions.

C. Buildings & Grounds

Buildings & Grounds including, but not limited to, maintenance of existing buildings and grounds (including needed repairs and renewal and replacement); playgrounds; and facilities.

How Will This Impact Me?

For the most accurate tax information please contact Summers County Assessor's Office at 304-466-7101.

Class 1

Intangible personal property and certain personal property employed exclusively in agriculture. (No property is currently taxed in the classification.)

Class 2- Most people are in this category.

Owner-occupied residential property used exclusively for residential purposes and all farmland used for agricultural purposes by its owner or bona fide tenant.

Class 3

All real and personal property situated outside a municipality that is not taxed in Class I & II.

Class 4

All property situated inside a municipality that is not taxed in Class I & II.

Tax Levy Calculator

The Excess Levy is in addition to any other taxes you would pay in the county

*This approximation is based on the Net Value. (The total of your property value which includes...)

Town Hall Meetings

February 15th @ Pipestem Fire Department 6PM.

February 20th @ Forest Hill Fire Department 6PM.

February 28th @ Green Sulphur (Sandstone) Fire Department 6PM.

March 5th @ Jumping Branch-Nimitz Fire Department 6PM.

March 7th @ Talcott Fire Department 6PM.

April 8 @ Memorial Building in Hinton 6:15PM.

April 27 @ Kirks - Coffee with the Superintendent 8:30AM.

Additional meetings will be posted as they are scheduled.